Exploring the exciting, wide world of chairs

Inspiration for my articles comes in the most unusual ways; last week I was discussing a buying a slipper chair with my client

Inspiration for my articles comes in the most unusual ways; last week I was discussing a buying a slipper chair with my client and she looked at me like I had just broken into another language. I realized that not everyone speaks my vernacular and thought that it might be a good idea to have a discussion on chairs.

Little did I know that a quick Google search would bring up a list of 118! I have read and learned quite a bit but have narrowed it down to the six most popular choices.

The chair and a half is a relatively new invention.

Relatively new in the furniture industry is about two or three generations!

It is a broader version of the chair which is perfect for two or one person who likes to sprawl out. This chair is a great solution for a matching piece to a sofa when you may not have the room for a loveseat.

Wing chairs, who doesn’t love them?

With their staunch style and haughty nature they are the perfect chair to sit in and sip a proper cup of tea….unless they have that clever hidden recliner foot!

Truthfully wing chairs are one of the more adaptable styles of furniture even though they are largely considered formal.

The folded sides and high back ensure proper head support even if you nod off during a boring piano recital or poetry reading.

The chaise – was there ever a more romantic furniture item invented?

Chayzzz, not chase is the proper pronunciation for this elegant piece which invites you to dramatically drape yourself upon it and look hauntingly beautiful while you relax.

The backs of the chaise lounge chair are usually in a semi-reclined position so you may elegantly stretch out and give the illusion of glamour while possibly sneaking in a quick nap.

Club chairs are soft, deep-seated wonders of comfort with tufted arms and an overstuffed back. Made popular in 19th century England in gentlemen’s clubs, this chair is usually upholstered in leather, hide or soft dark fabrics – basically anything manly.

You wouldn’t find a club chair upholstered in pink pearl damask in a proper gentlemen’s club! The fabric needed to withstand cigar ashes and spilled brandy which permeated the arms of every chair in the club.

Designed for long sessions they needed to be comfortable and were often stuffed with horsehair.

The occasional chair – self-explanatory!

They are small chairs which are brightly patterned and can be stored in unused corners of your home.

Pull out when occasional company arrives and you have extra seating in your home that doesn’t need to be displayed at all times. These chairs can also double as captain’s chairs at the end of your dining room table.

Go sleeveless with a slipper chair!

These amazing little creations are just the right fit for any smaller room or space you may want to decorate. Because they have no arms they fit into tight corners and can provide some coveted seating in a bedroom or foyer. They generally have a lower seat and were designed for the lady of the house to perch while she put on her slippers.

The armless chair allowed for her voluminous skirts and underskirts to spread around her and the short nature of the chair allowed for effortless dressing and undressing.

Kim Wyse is an interior designer with Carpet Colour Centre in Red Deer.