Finding a room’s surprise function

Designing your home to meet your family function can be a daunting task if you try to gain advice from everyone you know.


Designing your home to meet your family function can be a daunting task if you try to gain advice from everyone you know.

Only your family flows a certain way which may be the opposite tide to another friend!

I have witnessed many clients who want a certain feel or function for their space but then seem to get talked out of it by others.

Who are these others and what power of influence do they have over you? Do you value their opinion so highly that it changes how you live in your home or are you just scared to design something out of the ordinary? A dear friend of mine just revamped her kitchen, she has always had fabulous taste and this new colour scheme is no exception.

When she posted photos online I noticed that her kitchen table was gone and sitting area complete with cozy loveseats was in its place!

My first question was where is your table? Then I thought about the times I had been to her home and the easy and fun way she hosts a party and I thought yup, this is the perfect place for loveseats!

Unconventional yet perfect for her style of entertaining and the family-focused person who makes time with her children a priority. She has created the ultimate hang out/chat with me as I prepare dinner space right in her kitchen.

No more searching for the teenagers in the home, they are probably right there with her.

My sister recently turned a third bedroom into a walk-in closet/dressing and make-up area in her home. I have always held onto my bedrooms with an idea that they must stay bedrooms yet when I have seen this conversion it is always very appealing.

Rather than space that is used only a few times per year, why not have a private retreat that you can use on a daily basis?

If extra beds are needed from time to time a Murphy bed is a great idea for those overnight guests while still giving you a closet space beyond your wildest imagination.

My sister-in-law has Murphy beds in every bedroom in her home for ease of cleaning which I think is a brilliant concept – no more dusty spaces that can’t be reached with a vacuum.

How about a sleepover room? If you have tweens in your home and an extra room, this would be a perfect opportunity to create a fun and fantastic spot for the gang to all get together. Instead of traditional beds, opt for floor throws and beanbag chairs.

Include a table for playing games and don’t forget a mini-fridge and popcorn maker!

Cool lighting is essential, this could be your place to play with design and let your inner party girl show through.

Dimmers, multi-coloured lighting and all the latest technology for docking iPods and playing video games is a great addition to a room of this function. Play with colour and textures and don’t be afraid to add neon and glow in the dark elements for that extra punch of cool.

It may be time to break out of your own box, look at your rooms with your family function in mind and be brave and radical and change an unused or traditional space into something wonderful.

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.