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Home design relates to personal journey

Clients are always asking about ‘trends’ in design, what is hot, what is trendy and current in home design.


Clients are always asking about ‘trends’ in design, what is hot, what is trendy and current in home design. We scour sites like Houzz and Pinterest hoping for a piece of inspiration that will work perfectly in our homes.

Design is like no other industry as it creates a deep need in people which drives their curiosity and ultimately their decision to renovate or purchase a home.

There are very few professions that I can think of where people drop by their local expert’s office just to talk, dream and plan – with the exception of a financial guru or retirement planner.

I can’t imagine ever sitting down with my dentist to plan out my dreams for my teeth cleaning and oral hygiene for the next few years. I doubt we will discuss the trends in teeth whitening and I will not look for his opinion on what shade of lipstick works best with my skin tone and colour of enamel.

There will be no lattes shared with the produce manager at my local supermarket as I seek his advice on meal planning for my family in 2014 and I don’t see an in-home consult with my doctor as I gather her opinion on colours to de-stress my life.

The fun part is, I often get to play designer, doctor, therapist, family counsellor, contractor and concierge for a single client!

Sometimes my role in my clients’ life is not just picking a pretty paint colour, we are often searching for life/storage/clutter solutions which greatly affect peace of mind and often sanity. When my clients 20-something son has moved back home and is driving his parents crazy with his random hours, loud video games and messy friends I can create a ‘kid’ proof space with sound proofing and scrub able surfaces.

If a wife can’t handle the toilet seat up and the constant overspray in the bathroom I can give her a private girl only oasis where she can have all the fragrant and beautiful things she desires without ever having to clean another man mess.

I have just created marital bliss for slightly less money than a few years in marriage counselling. I consider that a bargain!

Being a designer has far more personal aspect than I would have ever dreamed (and a lot more math), I feel that there should have been more math and human psychology courses taught when I obtained my degree as I have experienced many personal tragedies and triumphs with my clients.

From creating that perfectly dreamy nursery to re designing a space after a loved one has passed on, I am blessed to be able to walk through different situations with my clients as we design and dream. I could never have imagined that this career would be so full of success and frustration, victory and loss all rolled into one job.

My clients have fulfilled and exhausted me and I am thankful for every challenge that has come my way.

My answer to ‘what is trendy’ is that trends are reactionary to the situation that life throws at us on a daily basis. What may be suitable for your design dreams today may evaporate like smoke tomorrow as you face an unexpected situation.

Design and dream for what is true for you, trust your heart an instinct to create a life that is truly your own.

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.