Todd Colin Vaughan/Lacombe Express Editor

Todd Colin Vaughan/Lacombe Express Editor

COLUMN: It’s the holidays — just be nice

There isn’t a war on Christmas. There is a war on courtesy

There isn’t a war on Christmas. There is a war on courtesy.

For what has seemed liked eons, a social media firestorm has been brewing regarding how Christmas is being appropriated by godless heathens looking to ruin a once perfect statutory day-off. The weapons of this firestorm have, obviously, been the use of generic red Starbucks cups and an outright refusal to reciprocate the words ‘Merry Christmas’.

I’m sorry, but I need to digress from this line of thinking. These are non-issues and everyone except for click-bait websites trying to stir political and tribal outrage knows it.

Christmas is just as beloved as it has ever been by Christians and for non-Christians — like the author of this column — it is a time I get to spend with my family that is gloriously non-political.

Everyday we are inundated with political messaging that leaches into everything in our lives — including our time with family and friends. The idea of the ‘War on Christmas’ is just a way for us to politicize one of the few days a year we have with each other.

It is okay to say Merry Christmas; it is okay to say Happy Holidays; it is okay to say Happy Hanukkah; and it is okay to say Happy Kwanzaa. Say whatever you want, just don’t tell people how bad they are for not reciprocating whatever words are your preference.

Quite simply, just be courteous and say something nice.

The holidays are the only time of year that aren’t about Jason Kenney, Rachel Notley, Justin Trudeau, Doug Ford, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, socialists, fascists or whomever else.

They are about being away from work — hopefully — and being with people that actually matter in your lives. Love your family, love your friends and let the people you don’t know celebrate however they want.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year and Happy Festivus from the Lacombe Express.