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Just a bunch of do-gooders in Lacombe…

…it makes me kind of proud

I learn quite a few things in a week through the interviewing process. I meet people, they show or tell me about the ‘thing’ they’re doing and usually I learn a little neat piece of trivia or tip along the way.

This week I was not prepared.

As I phoned around chatting with the winners of the Lacombe & District Chamber of Commerce awards something became very clear.

The city of Lacombe is full of pretty freakin’ awesome folks. Hard working, selfless folks. I would even hazard to say this place seems to be full of do-gooders.

As Linda Kemf rattled off all the things she does in a day (we chatted for 47 minutes if that gives you any indication of how many things she does) including dropping of lunches and fixing electronics or Diane Hayduk (another 40 minute call to get all the facts), talked about all the hours that has been poured into the Ben Neilsen Trail System and athletic park in town.

Not going to lie it gave me a bit of imposter syndrome and self doubt.

The people of Lacombe really do work hard to make our ‘little town’, a great place to live.

I have lived in a smaller places around Alberta and coming in to a small rural town as an outsider is not easy. The people in town already know each other and the rumours are flying before you buy your first cup of coffee at the coffee shop — it’s basically like trying to infiltrate the cool group in high school.

Not Lacombe, the people here are open to helping and welcoming anyone.

The do-gooders are out there shoveling off the outdoor rinks in the winter, the ones acting as a leader in our Girl Guides and Scouts, the ones helping the senior with their yard work. They’re even out there making lunches for funerals, which is probably one of the saddest things in someone’s life and the citizens of Lacombe are there, willing to step up selflessly without a second thought.

When I was interviewing this pack of do-gooders, they were telling me about the nomination process and how many letters and interviews it takes before that nomination is submitted and approved.

Now I get it. The chamber has a really hard task this time of year, they need all those requirements because otherwise everyone in the city would be up for a nomination.

Just remember, even if there isn’t an award sitting on your mantel others do see you and they do appreciate you. I appreciate it and this time of year is for all the great citizens of Lacombe, getting up everyday and taking on way more than they should. Thank you to all the volunteers.