Lacombe community certainly does have talent

Holy talent. This past Friday, I had the great opportunity to cover the events at the annual Lacombe’s Got Talent competition at the Lacombe

Holy talent.

This past Friday, I had the great opportunity to cover the events at the annual Lacombe’s Got Talent competition at the Lacombe Memorial Centre.

Before I go on, let me just say that I cover a lot of special events as part of my job as a newspaper editor. Some I enjoy thoroughly, some . . . not so much.

My friends often comment on how I have a great job because I get paid to go to cool events like concerts.

Sometimes, I go to events where I’m not sure if I will enjoy them or not. There are times when I am pleasantly surprised and – again – times when I’m not.

When preparing to cover Lacombe’s Got Talent, I was a little apprehensive and not sure what to expect.

I have covered talent shows before for newspapers and often found them to be quite lackluster, full of ‘talented’ individuals who hadn’t really thought out their acts. I was concerned that Lacombe’s Got Talent might be another such show.

Boy was I wrong.

It didn’t take long for me to be blown away by the talent and creativity of the contestants on that stage. It is a terribly over-used cliché, but all of the performers at Lacombe’s Got Talent deserve to be winners.

For starters, it takes guts to get up on a stage in front of a large crowd and share something you think you are good at with all of them.

It is even harder to do that, when you know that you are going to be critiqued on it and perhaps find out you aren’t as good as you thought you might be.

I did drama in high school. I was one of the few people lucky enough to not suffer stage fright or any of its symptoms. However, my shows were never critiqued. I never faced a panel of judges after performing to tell me what I did wrong and right.

I can’t imagine how my performances would have differed if that had been the case, so kudos to all of those who took the stage at LMC on Friday night.

In any case, it’s a good thing the participants in Lacombe’s Got Talent did get on stage. It would be a crime if these individuals, as talented as they are, did not take the stage to share their incredible talents with all of Lacombe.

And there was an abundance of talent on that stage. There was also an abundance of creativity.

No two acts were the same and everyone found a way to make his or her own part of the show stand out by itself.

As if the talent of the 10 finalists from this year was not enough Grade A entertainment for Lacombe, previous winners were invited back to perform again on the stage.

The abundance of talent and creativity seems to be a tradition from Lacombe’s Got Talent competitions.

Performances from this year’s contestants was incredible, but so were those from returning winners of previous years.

Not only do the competitors and other performers of Lacombe’s Got Talent deserve kudos, so do those who organized the event.

Inviting back previous winners to perform is a great way to turn a talent show into a night of fantastic entertainment.

So, all in all, kudos to all the competitors, performers, judges and organizers of the fantastic Lacombe’s Got Talent show. I look forward to seeing it again next year!