(Black Press file photo)

(Black Press file photo)

LETTER: Alberta physician compensation

‘Doctors have agreed that, with the tough economic times, changes need to be made’

“We change the world when we simply meet the needs of another.”

With this quote, author Kristen Welch epitomizes the daily actions of our medical professionals across Alberta. These men and women are selfless: they constantly give of themselves for the betterment of all Albertans and sacrifice time with their own loved ones so that we may have additional time with ours.

Now, they’re facing the exploitation of Alberta’s medical industry at the hands of Jason Kenney.

According to the Premier, doctors are being greedy and selfish, simply wanting to pad their pockets with more of our tax dollars. But has Kenney truly listened to them?

Doctors have agreed that, with the tough economic times, changes need to be made; they’re not denying that. In fact, they’ve come up with alternative cost-saving solutions that won’t have the same disastrous impact of Kenney’s “solution.” Meanwhile, the premier continues to push through these detrimental changes, even in the face of a pandemic, and persists that doctors aren’t doing their part.

Doctors are not making unreasonable requests. They are requesting Kenney to restore their original contract temporarily, go back to the negotiation table with the AMA, and get rid of Bill 21. These are small requests to help them meet the mental and physical needs of all Albertans.

To Jason Kenney and the rest of his government, please work with our doctors so they can uphold the world class healthcare that Albertans access everyday. Help our doctors continue to change the world.

-Submitted by Kellie Verburg, Lacombe