Letting the experts help with home renovations

Are you facing tough projects in your home? Do you have that long list of work that never seems completed?


Are you facing tough projects in your home?

Do you have that long list of work that never seems completed?

You are not alone; many people, including myself have a mental or a written checklist of things we would like to see improved in our home. Even those who build new homes will tweak and perfect until their house is just right only to repeat the process.

Some projects are enjoyable and some are downright painful.

There seems to be no easy way to paint your ceiling or replace that outdated tile in your bathroom and often people will just turn a blind eye and take a ‘get to it later’ approach even though it bothers you every day.

My solution is pretty simple; hire the experts.

When I look at a painting project it is a miserable thought.

I can either brood and fret about it or I can call my friendly painter guy and get him to tackle the job. Yes it costs a bit more but in the end my mental health is worth the extra few bucks.

When you combine the hours (or years) you think and worry about a project plus the sweat and tears to actually complete it, you could have a lot more free time!

Now I realize that many of you love the home improvement projects and I say hooray for all of you. There are some tasks that are very enjoyable and infinitely satisfying, like demo for instance.

I am working on a whole home renovation with a client and was enjoying their tales of demo in their home.

They started out removing just a few items and called me a few days later to report that they had found their rhythm and ripped everything out of the house! Not only did they save money on the removal charges, they said it felt energizing to exorcise the old material.

These clients also realized the limitations of their time and skillset and relied on experienced trades to complete those parts of the renovation that they are unable to finish. If you are looking at a task that will take a great deal of time, effort, special tools or permits it might be a good idea to ask the experts to help.

Going back to the painting, I have spent years working on renovating homes and up until a few years ago I was my own painter.

Balancing on ladders and watching my better half swinging from light fixtures to get that final corner painted was amazingly stressful for me and I have to say that the first time I hired a painter I felt a bliss beyond compare. These professionals made this hated task look easy and it took them no time to paint the entire house!

Akin to finding your favorite coffee with its smooth bright finish, where gas station coffee will nevermore please your palette – you might find a new best friend in a local tradesperson or handyman.

These men and women have trained and strained to learn their craft and they deliver satisfaction with such ease.

I will never attempt to walk a high wire but I am very content to spend a little cash to watch an expert glide across that apparatus while I applaud in appreciation.

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.