Moving forward with land development for Lacombe

Lacombe is a growing city with potential for development.


Lacombe is a growing city with potential for development. The City of Lacombe is working to grow the community through a number of projects, including residential, commercial and industrial land development.

I would like to highlight a few key undertakings – in various stages of planning. You can view the details of these plans at

In March, council adopted the outline plan for the Rosemont Estates and Bowett Ridge Development in north Lacombe. It includes 34 single family lots, 10 of which will be accessed through Rosedale Valley and the balance accessed by Cranna Lake Dr.

The Rosemont Estates/Bowett Ridge development will be constructed in two phases. Phase 1 will encompass the Bowett Ridge (east) portion of the development from Cranna Lake Dr. and Phase 2 will encompass the Rosemont Estates (west) cul-de-sac off 56th St. Development within the plan area will adhere to the City’s Natural Spaces Management Plan, which allows for limited, low density residential development adjacent to Rosedale (56 St.) and an area to the north of Cranna Lake Dr. at the crest of the hill, the remaining lands are dedicated as either environmental or municipal reserves, to maintain a physical link between Cranna and Elizabeth Lakes.

Trinity Crossing at Terrace Heights, a Laebon Homes project, is another new development located north of the existing Terrace Heights, east of C&E Trail, and west of the Lacombe Airport. Phase 1 of the Trinity Crossing project is before council for rezoning and the subdivision plan identifies 41 single family lots. The integrative nature of the open space areas within the development ensures that residents will benefit from the passive and active recreational amenities identified in this plan and the road network has been designed for efficient and safe movement of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

McKenzie Ranch is continuing its expansion. The City approved an application for the development of an additional 32 units. We are anticipating further development of Phase 3 within the McKenzie Ranch development area.

The majority of land within the McKenzie Ranch Outline Plan is intended for residential development, and the pattern of the collector and local roadways allows the for development of residential land uses in clusters to help distinguish the various segments and to provide a greater sense of identity of these sub-units with the plan. A number of park and open space amenities have been identified within the Outline Plan and will be accessible by the residents of this development through a network of pathways.

The City is proceeding with construction on Len Thompson Industrial Park Phase II, which is located immediately east of Hwy. 2A and north of Hwy. 12, and is bound by the CRP Railway lines along the west and southern boundaries, and Wolf Creek along its southeast boundary. The project encompasses approximately 15 acres of land, with the majority of the sites slated for light industrial development. The City is committed to creating a quality, attractive and successful industrial park while considering the opportunities and constraints of the area. The proposed development is an extension of existing industrial uses and is an ideal location and continuation of surrounding land uses.

A portion of land located along the eastern portion of the plan area has been set aside with the intention of being utilized by the City for the development of a civic works yard. In addition to being the future location for the infrastructure services building, the yard will be used for materials storage and maintenance purposes.

One of my goals as mayor has been the attraction and development of a major hotel for Lacombe. Michener Park was selected as the best site for such a project. I am pleased to say that currently, a land sale agreement is being finalized with a hotel developer and the City is working on subdividing the property, and on re-zoning land for the hotel site.

The City is ‘open for business’ and council and staff are working hard, often behind the scenes, working with stakeholders to facilitate both residential and commercial development, to help our City grow and ensure a prosperous future for all citizens.

Steve Christie is the mayor of Lacombe.