Pulling out all the ‘decorating stops’ this Christmas

Ah the holidays! Is there another time of year that makes us spend too much, eat things we shouldn’t and bestow glitter and glitz

Kim Meckler

Ah the holidays!

Is there another time of year that makes us spend too much, eat things we shouldn’t and bestow glitter and glitz on our usually non-glittery home? Most of us feel the immediate magic of Christmas and it is a proven way to change us into our decorative alter egos.

There is something about Christmas that makes us dig deep; people who don’t bake will suddenly take on projects to be part of an office cookie exchange and it makes some of us adorn our homes with super cute woodland creatures or smiley snowmen.

I am as far from cutesy as you can imagine but something about Christmas makes me want to decorate with deer and sweet little lambs. What is it about the holidays that bring out this whimsical, magical side in us? Why do we suddenly turn into Snow White humming in a forest beckoning all the woodland creatures to our door?

I believe the nostalgia of Christmas draws us in and keeps our sense of play in mind as we decorate for the season.

I saw a little one carrying a stuffed Rudolph toy the other day and instantly melted into a puddle of reminiscence thinking about my favorite childhood cartoon. At no other time of the year will you catch me using childish and cutesy decorations but Christmas just brings out the cute in me!

We all want Christmas to sparkle and make us smile all while smelling like pine, cranberries and pumpkin.

The sights and sounds are like no other and everyone I know gets caught up in the magical feeling that these items bring to our home. We use materials like sequins, velvet, glitter and gold and silver paint to spread holiday cheer throughout our home – even if we don’t normally indulge in such opulent looks. It is like this time of year gives us licence to pull out all the stops and use whatever materials and decorative items that make us happy.

Even though my tree and decorative theme is colour controlled, I believe that nothing can be too tacky at Christmas.

Well, except maybe tinsel but that is my personal dislike. Even so, seeing a huge tree bedecked with twinkling lights and sparkly tinsel still makes one smile and will instantly put you in the Christmas spirit.

You can over indulge and wear tacky snowflake covered sweaters till you are blue in the face and it will still make you and those around you feel festive and merry.

So go ahead, pull out all the stops! Let this be the year that you throw caution to the wind and stick those goofy reindeer antlers on your car as you drive about displaying your Christmas spirit. Line your sidewalk with illuminated candy canes and be ‘that house’ on the block that all the neighbours remember as being the one with the most Christmas spirit.

It’s time to let your season shine and there is nothing better in the world than spreading Christmas cheer to those around you. ‘Tis the season everyone!

Let’s take the time to do it up right – Merry Christmas!

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.