Readers encourage residents to complete garbage survey

Did you know that proposed changes to garbage collection in the City of Lacombe affects every residence?

Did you know that proposed changes to garbage collection in the City of Lacombe affects every residence?

Residents who currently have communal alley dumpsters are facing replacement of dumpsters with individual black rollout bins, which according to the Solid Waste Roadmap (SWRM) will cost you approximately $3.50 per month per household. According to Bylaw 316, these rollouts “shall be stored within the property in such a manner as to not be unsightly in appearance.”

To encourage more people to recycle, the SWRM is also recommending a blue tote rollout for each residence of approximately 300 l. size, using a third party contractor for collection, at an estimated cost of $8/month/household for weekly pickup, or $6/month/household for bi-weekly pickup. As well, the SWRM states that with the introduction of blue totes, the Wolf Creek Recycle Depot could be used solely for brush and wood chips rather than household recyclables.

This means that County residents, who currently use that facility, would no longer have the option of recycling at that depot.

The rollouts must be placed at least two metres apart for pickup, must not weigh more than 75lbs and the bin lids must be totally closed, or they will not be picked up.

The SWRM suggests that the current ‘grass bins’ could become ‘compost bins’ and accept everything from yard waste to food waste. There is a concern with odour and pests should this go forward.

In order to deal with the compost material, the City proposes to purchase a ‘HotRot’ system to process the compost at an initial capital investment of $528,400.

This system operates only above -15C and would be purchased from New Zealand (only two currently in use in North America).

Estimated increase to utility bills is unknown at this time.

Those households currently using rollouts are affected by having a garbage rollout, a recycling rollout, with it being unknown at this time as to how composting will be instituted in their areas.

At the City’s barbeque on June 28th at the LMC, large green rollouts for composting were on display.

The SWRM also states that by having every household separate their garbage from recycling and composting, there could be a possibility of changing to bi-weekly pickup.

Every household in the City of Lacombe is impacted by these proposed changes.

It is imperative that residents do the survey presented by the City – either online at or in hard copy, which can be picked up at the City office. The CAO of the City, according to Bylaw 316, paragraph #12, has the power to designate the type and location of receptacle or container used for garbage.

We must make sure that she (and City council members) bases her decision on our expressed opinions.

Please do the survey!

The survey needs to be completed before the end of August.

The survey results will be presented with recommendations to City council at their meeting on Sept. 9 which starts at 5 p.m.

Let’s be present at that meeting – your attendance is important!

Louise Pickett and Margarette Garrett