Reflections on Mother’s Day

Being a mom is a tough job. Moms clean up the most disgusting of messes without a word of complaint

Being a mom is a tough job.

Moms clean up the most disgusting of messes without a word of complaint, put up with ill-tempered teenagers, provide free taxi services and perform a number of other familial duties for the length of their offspring’s childhood.

Actually many mothers continue to do these things even after their children have reach adulthood. They do this without pay and often without any kind of recognition or thanks simply because they love their families.

Luckily, sometime in the early 1900s, someone noticed these facts and decided that mothers deserved some kind of recognition. Thus, Mother’s Day was created, a single day in the year set aside to celebrate mothers and the extreme sacrifices they make to raise their families.

Whether it is by showering your mother with gifts, providing her breakfast in bed, simply sharing a card or a phone call, this is a day to acknowledge the achievements of mothers. Children around the world will be showing their love and appreciation to the best cooks, cleaners and first-aid providers the world can provide.

If you have a close relationship with your mother, Mother’s Day provides an opportunity to thank her for all she does, has done and continues to do for you. If you are not so lucky, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to get to know your mom and develop that relationship.

Regardless of whether a mother continues to provide and care for her children once they become men and women, she always sees them as her children and will never stop being their mother. Moms are constantly worrying about their kids no matter the age.

I will never forget telling my mom, at the age of 19, of a planned hike in the mountains after I had moved away from home. My mother expressed her concern for my safety and worried about me being in bear country. I replied that I had been in similar situations on other hikes and camping trips many times before and knew what I was doing. In a not-quite hysterical tone, my mother replied “But you always had an adult with you!”

So, young or old, be sure to take advantage of this Mother’s Day and show your mom how much you appreciate her continued love for you.