Running clean campaigns

Sixty-three votes. Wow. We don’t think Lacombe’s mayoral race could have gotten any closer.

Sixty-three votes. Wow. We don’t think Lacombe’s mayoral race could have gotten any closer.

It is good to see two individuals so passionate about supporting their community that they both fought so hard to be able to represent that community as mayor. It is also great to see such fine competition in an election and in politics in general.

Competition is an essential part of the political process. Only by competing with each other can individuals be elected to council or any level of government for that matter.

As competition is essential to elections and the political process, so too are fairness and sportsmanship. They go hand in hand.

These practices should extend beyond the end of the election as well. So far that seems to be true.

When the numbers came in on Monday night for the election results, Grant Creasey was quick to call up his opponent Steve Christie and congratulate him on winning the election. (Election results will remain unofficial until Friday).

Christie also congratulated Creasey on his campaign and when Creasey expressed interest in still being involved with local politics (albeit in a less official manner), Christie encouraged him to do so.

It is obvious that both candidates ran fantastic campaigns. Therefore, both candidates deserve a pat on the back and should be proud of themselves and their teams.

Losing by only 63 votes is nothing to scoff at and Creasey should be very proud of his accomplishment. Christie should also be happy for the close votes as it makes his victory mean that much more. Both candidates have also expressed that they are glad of the close vote because it discourages complacency from the local government.

Lacombians should be glad to see that both the mayoral candidates as well as all the councillors elected demonstrated fairness and sportsmanship in their campaigns. Instead of condemning their opponents, these individuals promoted their own qualities, and they won. Clearly, this is a far better way to win votes than those used by many other politicians.

Perhaps our politicians at other levels of government could learn something from the examples of our local government representatives.

Politics today are sadly lacking the fine qualities of fairness and sportsmanship. Such despicable campaign practices like attack ads and smear campaigns are becoming more and more prominent at the federal and even provincial levels with each election.

As such it is heartening to see that the values of fairness and sportsmanship are still upheld in Lacombe.