Standing tall

On July 1, Lacombe held its first-ever flag rededication ceremony.

On July 1, Lacombe held its first-ever flag rededication ceremony.

An impressive number of Lacombians turned up for the proceedings, which included a small parade from the Lacombe Memorial Centre to the Legion Hall, where the ceremony took place.

Dignitaries Mayor Steve Christie, MLA Rod Fox, Royal Canadian Legion President Jim Pratt and Legion Chaplain Sheila McClelland made a few comments before the flag was raised.

It was an extremely well-run event and one that we can only hope becomes an annual addition to Lacombe’s Canada Day celebrations.

At the ceremony, many of the dignitaries commented on how Lacombians and Canadians in general seldom take the time to recognize their flag and how they are part of the great nation of Canada. This country has repeatedly described as one of the best places on earth in which to live, with opportunities and benefits that are simply unimaginable to many who live in other parts of the world.

Indeed – others commented on how important it is for people to remember they are part of something bigger and not to take this for granted. That’s a vital message, and something we should consider year-round and not just on Canada Day.

Of course, Canada Day is a great time to pay tribute to our nation’s symbol, the Canadian flag, but why just one that day? Why should we not be proud to fly our nation’s flag every day, regardless of the occasion?

It is true that many Canadians often take for granted the greatness of their homeland. We also take for granted how fortunate we are to live here.

Ask most Canadians and they will likely tell you it is the best country in the world, although these thoughts may be conveyed in generalities.

But, the strengths and benefits of our nation are still things that we do not promote very often.

In fact, Canada is known for not being a very patriotic country. Is that really something we want to be known for? It’s certainly worth reflecting on.

True, Canadians are also known for being humble and modest. These too are great traits (and ironically, more reasons to be proud of our country) but they should not deter us from being patriotic either.

Canada is a great nation that boasts democracy, multiculturalism a rich heritage and culture that continues to make us proud to say “I am Canadian.”

Being part of a great nation is something to be proud of. It is something that we should show off, proudly, at every opportunity.