Tackling springtime projects around the house

It's springtime! The sun is warm and pours into our windows during the day

It’s springtime!

The sun is warm and pours into our windows during the day. I actually have to turn the heat down in my vehicle and haven’t had to turn on my heated seats in days, it is truly lovely.

My co-workers and I were discussing the changing of the seasons and how it makes you want to either shop or clean; I choose to shop but common sense tells me I should clean.

When you open your windows for the first breath of spring and take in all that lovely fresh air it is a good reminder to clean out the tracks in your window as they will have accumulated dust throughout the cold winter months.

Since we rarely approach our windows in the winter it can be easy for a layer of dirt to have built up which should be removed to allow easy movement of your windows.

If you don’t habitually change your furnace filter, spring is always a good time to set a reminder to put a fresh filter in place.

It is also a wise practice to clean out your dryer vents and hoses a little more thoroughly. Using a narrow attachment it is easy to get into your dryer vent holder to suck up all that trapped lint.

My ‘to do’ list includes painting my mailbox and the numbers on my house. When I purchased this house in November I was welcomed to the neighbourhood the next day with a snow storm so the dingy brass mailbox has just hung there all winter looking quite sad.

I am eager to paint it with a pretty metallic finish and re-hang it so I am not greeted by the current, sad mail box. I might even get creative on my paint finish if it strikes my fancy.

Spring is an excellent time to clean your arpet and upholstery.

Many people I speak with do not include this as part of their spring ritual and it is very important! Upholstery items, mattresses and carpets all hold onto our dirt, hair and shedding skin.

I know, it’s a vile topic but if we are cleaning out the cobwebs of winter, this is a very good place to start! Carpets especially absorb the oils from our feet and from the paws of our beloved pets. Over time the dirt and oils embedded in the carpet causes it to pack down and wear prematurely.

Vacuum the popcorn out of the couch, wipe down the baseboards and take a garden hose to your window screens – after you have removed them from your windows of course. Give your wood pieces and cabinets a massage with some orange oil and pamper your leather furniture with a good massage using leather conditioner.

With the light being so bright you are finally able to see into forgotten corners that have gathered debris over the winter.

We all love our homes and the benefits of routine maintenance will absolutely extend the longevity of the products we have put into our home giving us a few more years with our hard-earned money. Everyone who is frugal and careful will tell you that maintenance is far less costly than replacing which is especially true when you are dealing with fabrications or natural products such as wood or leather.

Kim Wyse is an interior designer with Carpet Colour Centre in Red Deer.