Take time to celebrate mom this weekend

Take time to celebrate mom this weekend

A happy Mother's Day to all mothers, from the Express

With Mother’s Day upon us, it is a time to reflect upon the special women in our lives, the mothers in our community and one of the toughest jobs of all motherhood.

Often, mother is a synonym for caregiver, therapist, advice-giver, protector, cheerleader and many, many more roles in our lives.

Our mothers guide us through the tough times, from young children when we scrape our knees or get into a scrap with siblings or friends. They are there into the teenage years, when our mothers put up with endless arguing, mood swings and emotional rollercoaster, quarrels with friends, lovers and teachers all with an endless and unconditional love.

As adults, many people even find a friend in their mothers. We may share a laugh over decisions past, or still call our mothers with good news or bad simply to hear their thoughts and re-assure our own thinking.

For some, they may not be close with their mother, but have other women in their lives who have led them through the aforementioned experiences. These maternal bonds can be created and celebrated with grandmothers, aunts or even mentors who have loved and cared for us in times of need.

Mother’s Day isn’t just about celebrating your own mother, but recognizing the strong women in your life who are working hard to raise their own children. Consider sending a kind word to a friend who you commend for being a strong mother, or to a new mom who may just need a boost in her confidence, and to be told she’s going to do fine.

Some people may even take time to recognize expecting mothers-to-be, wishing them well on their new journey into motherhood.

Remember, the difficulties of motherhood are plenty.

Being a mom not only means showing love, but also being tough and giving discipline and guidance to children. It also means sleepless nights, long, busy days and never really getting to take a sick day when needed. It means cleaning up the same toys for years, or having the same discussions with teenagers over and again and then likely, some more.

Motherhood entails much more than hugs and kisses. It’s about helping to build children into strong adults, and eventually watching from a distance as their little ones grow into their own lives, with their own decisions and eventually, asking for less of mom’s advice.

Take the time to thank your mother, grandmother or special woman in your life who has helped you through the good, the bad and the ugly.

Mother’s Day isn’t about presents, it’s about presence. If you can’t be there in person, be sure to take the time to call and share your appreciation for the woman who cried for you, laughed with you and helped shape you as you grew.