Tips to make your home more sellable

I am currently selling some property and am again learning about what others may see when viewing


I am currently selling some property and am again learning about what others may see when viewing, even with my experienced eye it is easy to overlook some obvious flaws and it is interesting to look at my property through the eyes of buyers.

My realtor has given me some interesting feedback on why properties may remain on the market longer than others. If you are considering selling your home these may be some helpful hints for you to employ.

Sight and scent are the first things to attract new buyers. Be careful of pet smells and don’t go overboard with air fresheners. Both of these things can turn off a potential sale. Make sure the home is well lit and airy, fresh air and light are intoxicating to people and will give them the sense of home. The old tip of baking bread or having something savory in the oven is priceless and it really works.

Take a look at the ‘neighbourhood’, the parts that surround your home should be clean and uncluttered.

If you have the guts, you may want to ask your neighbour to clean up their yard in anticipation of your listing. Often sales can be thwarted by a messy neighbour. Check the back lane of your home and make sure it looks tidy as well. People will drive around the neighbourhood long before they decide to look inside a home.

Clean your home! Many homes I visit show wear and tear which is to be expected.

I am horrified by some real estate photos I see with clutter on bathroom counters and many personal effects strewn about. Personal items need to be tucked away and your house should be spotless. Windows should be cleaned to allow the light in and even your own furniture should be cleaned and polished.

Even though they aren’t buying your personal possessions, they show as part of the home and are subconsciously integrated into the buying process.

Show it off. Set your table in its Sunday best and have the candles lit in all the right places. People buy on emotion and you can invoke a feeling of care and comfort by staging your home to look its best.

Professional stagers are available to help you dress up your house if you are unsure about how to show off your homes best assets, if your home shows signs of clutter and chaos the prospective buyers will feel that when they enter and it will negatively impact their emotional buying decision.

Many people cannot visualize and are making decisions based on what they actually see. If you have a burnt out light bulb in a high foyer they immediately imagine how much effort it will be to climb up a ladder and replace the bulb. If that bulb is not burnt out the attention will be on the beautiful light fixture instead. It is as simple as that one detail, a dripping faucet will send a purchasers mind racing ahead to calling a plumber and that can be added stress on a buyer, right there you may have lost the magic they could have seen in your home.

Selling your home is a bit of a magic show and while you don’t necessarily need to make drastic and costly changes to sell it, these tips will hopefully assist you.

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.