Try out unique and creative décor for holidays

Are you a seasonal decorator? Do you crave tacky and flashy Canada Day flags or big creepy Halloween lawn decorations?


Are you a seasonal decorator?

Do you crave tacky and flashy Canada Day flags or big creepy Halloween lawn decorations? Perhaps you modestly and stylishly decorate only for Christmas or have a Martha Stewartesque egg wreath on your door in spring, imitating one of her iconic magazine covers. I’m not sure who has created these unwritten rules but certain holidays are ‘decorating’ holidays and others are virtually ignored.

It’s also outside vs. inside decorating. We hang lights at Christmas and cobwebs at Halloween, bedecking our trees and shrubs in the season’s twinkle or terror. A few people will outdoor decorate for Thanksgiving by tossing out a few leafy decorations and possibly a festive turkey or pilgrim motif but it’s rare to see any household for the less visual celebrations.

A dear friend of mine is all out party planner extraordinaire.

When Prince William married Kate Middleton, she was baking muffins in crown shaped muffin cups and prepared a bevy of English-based treats complete with Earl Grey tea.

She would be the type to decorate for Victoria Day by placing regal and royal decorations around her home or making sure to have the proper napkins and dishes available to mark the special day. Actually, she usually travels to Victoria on Victoria day to have tea at the Empress hotel, how fitting!

It seems ok to hang inflatable Santas or creepy skeletons outside our home but I rarely see leprechauns or large cartoonish rabbits outside on lawns.

Why is this? Who has decided that certain holidays should be represented with oversized, animated characters? We will hang the flag of our country on Canada Day but rarely will you see a life-sized stick figure family or cardboard cut-out of our loved ones on Family Day – maybe this is a trend that is still to catch on.

What about Louis Riel or Heritage Day?

Let’s embrace the multicultural beauty of our country and show our support with flags of every variety! Oh sure, they may be harder to find and I guarantee the local dollar store is not selling flags/sun visors/lawn chairs in flags of every country but it would be fun to see a little more diversity in our outdoor design.

I was passing by a home recently that had a flag hanging from their front porch.

Instead of that flag being the typical red and white it was pure white with a vibrant pink breast cancer ribbon glowing in its middle.

The decoration made me stop and take a moment as I was flooded with memories of friends and family members who have courageously battled this plight and their memories made me smile. Thank you to whomever had the thoughtfulness to hang this pretty and poignant flag.

Do you have a quirky tradition or occasion that makes you want to decorate?

Do you have bins and bins full of seasonal decor just waiting to be put out on your front yard? Maybe this is the year for a new vision and a new tradition in your home, maybe your new favorite holiday to decorate will become Easter or Thanksgiving, depending on our love of pastels or vivid colours.

You can be the envy of the neighbourhood with your unique and festive decorations!

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.