Utilizing the colour red in and outside of your home

It is finally summer time! I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day celebration with friends and family.


It is finally summer time!

I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day celebration with friends and family. I have fond memories of Lacombe; the parades and pancake breakfasts and the wonderful fireworks. My friends used to live right across from Cranna Lake and it was the perfect spot to sit around a warm fire and watch the fireworks.

The parade would go right by my house in Lacombe so Canada Day was a lovely, relaxing and very convenient celebration!

The red and white is everywhere, people go wild with their patriotic gestures and it makes the neighbourhood a happier looking place when people have gone to the effort of decorating in our flag’s colours.

Magazines are full of kitschy recipes and clever ways to display the maple leaf on cakes, in salads and to generally run the Canada Day theme all throughout your afternoon barbecue.

I don’t know of many people who go to this much effort but I can really appreciate the food stylists and photographers who have taken the time to show us what can be done.

Red is one of my favorite colours to decorate with and I have it in multiple rooms in my home. It is a number one choice for hotels, restaurants and is often used in flags for both nations and municipalities.

It is a bold, non-apologetic colour that guarantees a reaction. I promise you that anytime you have red present in a room the eye of the beholder will immediately find it and physically and verbally react.

If your favorite colour is red you are an action-oriented person with a desire to live life to the fullest.

You desire to live life using all senses and are a highly tactile (touch) person, texture, scent, sight and sound are all used in your quest for sensuality and love.

You may also use as much vigor in pursuing anger or serving revenge to the fullest!

It is for this reason that the colour red is used by businesses and countries alike as it evokes feelings of love and pride or war and the thirst for blood depending on the country’s desires on any given day.

This colour can draw a crowd together to tearfully sing its anthem or create a pulsating mob of people ready to see injury be inflicted in a sporting match. Red is the colour of passionate feelers, thinkers and doers and it is not a decorative colour to be trifled with!

If you are going to have red inside your home it is a commitment, if you are going to have red on the OUTSIDE of your home it is a life statement – one you may need to defend to all of your neighbours.

So I hope you had a wonderful Canada day and I hope you flew your flags with pride, passion and love.

We live in such a wonderful country that allows us to be patriotic even to the silly extremes. Our flag and its colours give us pride and the ability to look up to our maple leaf and smile.

The simple red and white is something to be proud and passionate about, enjoy the summer!

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.