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VAUGHAN: Loss of local news hard on the community

The Lacombe Express will continue to serve the community of Lacombe
Todd Colin Vaughan/Lacombe Express Editor

Lacombe has lost its longest-serving news source and that should concern anyone who values community news.

Despite being one of the Lacombe Express’ primary competitors, the staff of the Express take no pleasure in seeing the demise of one of the pillars of this community since 1901 — the Lacombe Globe.

Indeed, having a reliable, truthful and diligent competing paper in the community of Lacombe not only gave readers plenty of valuable information, it also helped ensure the Express was of the highest standard every week.

Every community deserves hard-hitting, tireless and informative news sources that give citizens the information they need to make informed choices and Lacombe was fortunate enough to have a robust news landscape that included two newspapers, a radio station and several regional outlets that brought the latest news to people’s fingertips.

The loss of one of those newspapers is an unfortunate outcome that removes news options from a community that relies on them.

The loss is also indicative of a transitioning news industry that has seen several papers closing their doors throughout the country due to declining revenues, despite larger-than-ever audiences across our print and digital platforms.

The loss of these publications has created news vacuums in some communities that dangerously lead to the evaporation of community news, as well as local government coverage that would not be picked up by larger national news sources.

In essence, citizens — particularly in rural regions — are not receiving the vital information they need to make everyday choices, and this is why supporting local news has never been more important.

By supporting your local newspaper, you are ensuring that you and your neighbours have all the information you need, and you are also supporting a local business that is committed to a prosperous community.

The Lacombe Express will continue to provide the very best local news coverage possible and we will continue to give Lacombe residents the tools they need to be informed, dedicated and caring citizens.

Indeed, our commitment is local, and we will continue to cover the local issues that matter to our community.

The team of the Lacombe Express wishes the staff of the Lacombe Globe nothing but the best in the future. Lacombe will miss having two newspapers with hard working journalists working to serve the community.

That all being said, the Lacombe Express will continue to be on newsstands and delivered to the doors of Lacombe residents. We will continue to endeavor to provide the very best community-minded news and we hope you continue to support local journalism from the Lacombe Express.

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