Todd Colin Vaughan/Lacombe Express Editor

Todd Colin Vaughan/Lacombe Express Editor

VAUGHAN: Small Business Week celebrates the giving nature of Lacombe

Businesses add to the community in more ways than just economic

As you read this, Canadians have already voted in the 2019 Federal Election which will undoubtably affect the economy of this country.

What continues to positively affect the economic viability of this country, however, is not self-interested politicians, but rather the individuals who chose to start and maintain businesses in their communities across the country.

Small Business Week is currently underway in Lacombe and this community is full of businesses that not only support the livelihood of their families, but also the vibrancy and potential of this entire community.

For the past month, I have had the privilege to speak with individuals and businesses in Lacombe who busted their tails every day to create economic, social and environmental impacts in their communities.

Individuals and businesses, both big and small, in Lacombe in 2019 have added to the diversity of this economy and have donated their time and dollars to create a better Lacombe for the future.

Small Business Week culminates on Saturday with the Lacombe and District Chamber of Commerce Business and Community Awards Gala, which will award a small business, a large business and a non-profit with a Business of the Year award, but as many of the businesses I spoke to said, every one of them deserves to be recognized for their contributions.

Owning a business is certainly not easy. These businesses face economic, social and physical challenges that cut at their margins, but one thing is clear of every business I spoke to: They have courage.

They have courage to stay in the fight when the market doesn’t go their way; they have the courage to give up time with their families when the business requires their attention; and they have the courage to support their community financially even when times are tight.

Small Business Week is a time when we can recognize the entities that make Lacombe unique and it is important to keep dollars local in order for these businesses to continue to thrive and add to the beautiful makeup of this community.

Thank you for everything you do and have a great Small Business Week in Lacombe.