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High seller at Top Guns Horse Sales goes for $55k

Owner said it was a “record smashing” year

The ninth annual Top Gun Horse Sales sale held at the Calnash Ag Event Centre on April 9 was miles ahead of recent years with the high selling horse going for $55,000.

The horse, lot No. 34 “Japetto” from Hannah, sold to a buyer in Westaskiwin County.

“He’s an all-around super star, good for any age,” said Top Gun Horse Sales owner and operator Jordan Dodds of the 13-year-old gelding.

Dodds said there were a number of horses that fetched a handsome price that “smashed records.”

With everything from ranch, rope, kids, trials and barrel horses to teams, crossbred and mounted shooting, there was a horse for everyone.

There were a total of 117 horses up for this year.

Dodds said that’s a bit lower than in previous years, but it was mainly just due to supply and demand.

For the first time ever, buyers had the option of viewing the event online and bidding in real time.

For the past two years, the sale was done through a timed auction.

Dodds said the real time auction worked “pretty great” thanks to Craig Jacklin at VJV Auctions.

There were about 250 bidders registered online, and over 500 buyers registered to bid in-person at the sale. It was a packed house at the popular event, with barely any standing room left.

Buyers came from Nova Scotia, Vancouver and the Yukon, with a handful of Americans in the mix, though less buyers came across the border for the sale compared to previous years, due to remaining travel restrictions.

“I feel that (the sale) did the Town of Ponoka a lot of good … there was quite a lot of support for local businesses as well,” said Dodds.

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