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Annual Acronaire Home Show to be held this month

The Canadian University College (CUC) Acronaires are almost ready to reveal the diverse talents of the group
IMPRESSIVE - Coach Dustin Dudar and assistant coach Van Gulfan display incredible balance and control in their dual chair routine at a previous Acronaire Home Show. The Home Show features a variety of similarly impressive routines.

The Canadian University College (CUC) Acronaires are almost ready to reveal the diverse talents of the group with their annual Home Show, which will take place at the end of the month.

The first show is at 1 p.m. on March 27th and the second show is at 4 p.m. on March 29th. Admission for adults is $10, $5 for students, children and seniors and $25 for a family. The events will take place at the Gwen Bader Fitness Centre.

“This is sort of our culmination of the whole year. We have picked a theme this year of ‘the Elements – earth, water, fire and air.’ The show kind of plays on how they work together well and how things fall apart without each other. We then work out a story of how the elements realize they work better together,” said Vanessa Dudar, who co-coaches the Acronaires with her husband Dustin.

This is the 41st annual Home Show. Each year brings a different theme to the presentation. In past years, themes have been developed around the concepts of colonization, love and circuses.

The Home Show is a chance for the Acronaires to show off the various routines and skills they have been working to develop over the last year. It will encompass a display of skills in the areas of tumbling, circus performance art and small group routines.

“The format is a little different this year. The pyramids and openings are a little bit different – we try to add something new every year if we can. We have a pretty nice equipment routine that is also kind of a circus art routine. In it we have the Russian Bar, the pole, the lyras, also known as aerial hoops, the Roman chair, and we have someone on blocks this year. The equipment routine is very unique,” said Vanessa.

“We have a lot of variety in the show because we want to have something for everybody.”

The Home Show is the largest performance the Acronaires host each year. In addition to the Home Show, the group has taken their performance art as far as Kenya, Africa. Each year the group tries to do something different in the Home Show, while still showing some crowd favourites like skilful pyramids and tricky tumbling routines.

“It’s a great show – a really great show – and I think that everyone who comes will enjoy themselves. There really is something for everyone to enjoy,” said Vanessa.

The group has a video posted on their CUC Athletics page to present a preview of the kinds of acts that are included in the Home Show. Tickets for the performance are available at the time of entry.