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Bentley Generals working hard in playoffs

The Bentley Generals had a great 2014/2015 season with a record of 23 wins, one loss and no ties.

The Bentley Generals had a great 2014/2015 season with a record of 23 wins, one loss and no ties. Heading into playoffs, things continue to look good.

“We were extremely happy with the season this year from start to finish. We came ready to go in camp and carried that spirit right through, even through exhibition games.

“We did really well throughout the year,” said coach Ryan Tobler.

“Record-wise, of course we are happy with it. We were consistent all year and that’s probably what I was most happy with.”

The team has earned the title of division leaders with consistent game play and technique shown throughout the season.

Of the four playoff games that the Bentley Generals have played so far, they have won three.

As for playoffs, Tobler said that the guys won’t play any differently than they have all year and that they hope to keep up their reputation of tough competition.

“We started in the series like we wanted, with two wins on the first weekend.

“We were down two nothing in Eckville, a home game for us. Maybe we weren’t as ready, or underestimated the Chiefs or whatever the case may be, but I’ve got to give them credit because they played a great game last Friday,” said Tobler.

“This time of year it’s about responding the right way, and we got the two points we needed to finish it up and win on the 28th.”

Currently, Torrie Dyck, Cam Maclise and AJ Gale of the Generals are all among the top five scorers of the league. Dyck and Maclise are tied with Fort Saskatchewan Chiefs player Brett Holmberg with seven points, Gale only a point behind.

Travis Yonkman is second only to Todd Ford for the amount of saves made in net, with Yonkman at a save percentage of 0.949.

Tobler said that it is not one aspect, but many that make the Generals a strong team.

“These are 60-minute team games and we’re trying to do all the little things we can to make them good.

“We’re not trying to be something we’re not just because it’s playoffs. We’re going to play the same way we have all year and we’re going to try and bring our consistency and work ethic,” he said.

The team’s next game falls on March 6th at the Eckville Arena, where the Generals will take on the Fort Saskatchewan Chiefs in game five of a seven game series.

“The intensity of course raises at this time of year so you have to make sure that one, you’re ready and two, you’re doing all the little things to prepare and get the last two points.

“We’re taking it one game at a time,” Tobler said.

If the Generals can pull together two more wins, they win the best of seven series that would bring them to play the winner of Okotoks/Innisfail series. In turn, the winner of that will go on to represent the Western division in the Allan Cup.

Regularly, the winners of the playoff series would compete in a best of five MacKenzie Cup before qualifying for the Allan Cup, but British Columbia has no identified team this year to challenge for the Western division title.