CWC returns for second round of ‘Canada Cup’ final with ‘Bulls-Eye’

Bulls-Eye kicks off tonight @ Abbey Centre in Blackfalds, with special WWE guest, "God's Gift to Wrestling" Michael Richard Blais

  • Apr. 15, 2017 12:00 p.m.
SMACKDOWN - The Canadian Wrestling Coalition (CWC) team is gearing up for their second performance of the ‘Canada Cup’ championship race this Saturday

SMACKDOWN - The Canadian Wrestling Coalition (CWC) team is gearing up for their second performance of the ‘Canada Cup’ championship race this Saturday

Wrestling fans in the area ought to mark in their calendars the return of the Canadian Wrestling Coalition this weekend, as they bring their ‘Bulls-Eye’ showdown to the Abbey Centre.

The performance takes place April 15th with doors opening at 5:45 p.m.

Tickets are $15 when ordered from ahead of time, and $20 at the door. As well, they can be purchased by texting 403-597-2484.

‘Bulls-Eye’ follows a crew of local wrestlers through their second round of the ‘Canada Cup’ and will also feature a special guest “God’s Gift to Wrestling” Michael Richard Blais, WWE Raw and WWE NXT star.

“People can expect the biggest and brightest wrestlers in Alberta to bring their ‘A game’ to win the Canada Cup this year,” said CWC founder Dylon Featherstone (aka Dylon Stone).

“In the story of our heroes and villains, we have a long-term rivalry showdown between former partners and best friends, Dylon Stone and Shaun Martens who will face off in a ‘falls-count-anyway’ grudge match. That means they’re going to fight in the ring, outside of the ring, among the fans they’re going to settle their feud once and for all.

“Dylon Stone has turned his life around to something of a white-knight, and he’s trying to defeat his foe if he can. He’s getting ready to plunge his knees through the black heart of his opponent.”

In the current rankings on their way to the Canada Cup finals, Jude Dawkins is going to remain on the defensive as the current champion.

Creeping up in the race are Shaun Martens, Jack Pride, Dylon Stone, Chris Perish and Andrew Hawkes.

There are going to be a few rounds to catch, each more entertaining than the last.

Xander Price will take on ‘Saltwater Savage’ Andrew Hawke and crowd favourites Pride and Johnny Kickass will work to eliminate each other from the runnings.

“It’s going to be something for the whole family. There will be laughs, tears, smiles, jeers all of it,” said Featherstone.

All of the events are family-friendly, and the performances are a great way to spend a fun night out, supporting local wrestlers in their challenges.

Defending champion Jude Dawkins has the pleasure of being able to go up against recent Monday Night RAW personality Michael Richard Blais, AKA “God’s Gift to Wrestling”.

Blais will battle for the $10,000 put on Dawkins’ head at the last match.

Featherstone said it’s great to be able to have such a big personality to be able to take part in their local shows.

“We’re really excited to bring him in, because it always helps to build that excitement. For me, it’s almost a bit of validation to show how far we’ve come. We’ve gone from these small local shows to being able to have someone who’s been seen by millions of people on WWE,” he said.

“As a plus, he’s always great to work with.”

This is the second show of the year, and the guys of CWC said they’re excited to see the crowds grow as awareness spreads. Featherstone said it’s been really exciting to continue to build the momentum with the support of their program.

“We’re trying to jump around and explore new avenues to get the name of our group out. A lot of people who come to our shows are hooked, and they love everything about it. The hardest part is just spreading the word about what we’re doing with our program,” he said.

The show is sure to delight audiences with the interactive experience, entertaining personas and organizers’ willingness to put on a great show.

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