Extending the reach of the joys of golf

Golf is an ancient game well-known throughout the world.

Golf is an ancient game well-known throughout the world.

It is a game of etiquette for gentlemen and ladies and has often been associated with high class.

However, the sport is no longer just for the more mature set. Young boys and girls are getting involved in golf too.

David Clark, general manager of Lacombe Golf & Country Club, said that the largest growth in memberships the club has seen in the last year is in its junior program. He said what appeals to children is the same thing that appeals to adults who play the game – the personal challenge

“It caters to most temperaments,” said Clark. “Yes, you can play other people and yes you can get into competition but the biggest competition is with yourself.”

Clark said that there has always been a desire for people to keep youth active and involved in things to keep them busy.

As such, the junior program is designed to interest children in the sport and keep them playing golf.

Lacombe Golf & Country Club offers a yearly junior program that aims to improve young golfers by teaching them about all aspects of the game. Juniors are taught etiquette, rules of the game, proper swing technique and everything else they need to know in order to play the game through the program.

Recently, Lacombe Golf & Country Club held its Junior open, where about 60 junior golfers participated.

While Clark said this is a lower number than what the club has seen in past years, it still shows that there is definite interest in golf among young people.

Lacombe’s Junior Golf Program is an annual program that offers several methods of instruction for the aspiring young golfer.

Swing classes are held a few times earlier in the season that cover etiquette rules and swing fundamentals.

There is also a Summer Golf School that gives a more intensive version of the swing lessons over two days and also allows juniors some playing lessons where they can test their skills.

This year’s Summer Golf School wraps up today, July 25.

In addition to these options, juniors can also book private lessons with instructors at the golf course.

Playing is an essential part to learning any game, so Lacombe Golf & Country Club also offers a junior league beginning in June. Junior league is a once a week event where players are able to compete while maintaining a fun atmosphere.

Junior league also offers an opportunity for further instruction, as each week before tee time; a different aspect of the game will be covered.

To appeal to all kinds of young golfers, there is a both a nine-hole junior league that runs from June to August and a three-hole junior league that runs only in June for the less experienced or less competitive golfer.

To close the junior golf season, the Lacombe Golf & Country Club hosts a junior skills competition at the end of August.

This competition will test players’ abilities at chipping, pitching, putting, sand shot and full swings and awards prizes to participants. This year’s skills competition will be held on Aug. 26.

Also near the end of the season, Lacombe Golf & Country Club hosts an Adult/Junior Golf Day.

As many young golfers are introduced to the sport by their parents or older relatives, the Adult/Junior Golf Day is an opportunity for juniors to play the sport with their parents, relatives or any other adult friend. This year’s Adult/Junior Golf Day will be held on Aug. 25.