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Father Lacombe Saints wrap up undefeated season

This year the Father Lacombe Saints boys’ basketball team accomplished a lot throughout their season.
TIER TWO CHAMPIONS – The Father Lacombe School Saints were undefeated in their regular 2014-15 season.

The boys went undefeated throughout regular season play, while showing continued growth throughout each game.

Practices were held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the season with just about everyone on the team present at all of them. This shows the great commitment all of the players had to improve personally and dedication they had to their team, team officials said.

Coach Jhoejo Soco did an outstanding job in helping all of the players develop throughout the season. The Saints performed a repeat season claiming the Wolf Creek League Title, CWAJHAA 1J Qualifier Title, and CWAJHAA 1J Championship title for the second year in a row.

The Sacred Heart Titan Classic was one of the boy’s biggest challenges throughout the year. The tournament featured a lot of good teams from Central Alberta. The boys were injury plagued throughout the tournament losing two of their top scoring players for multiple games. However, they showed they could rally together as a team to be successful. They won the bronze medal game against Clear Vista School.

In the CWAJHAA 1J qualifier tournament the boys were given a bye to the semi-final due to their standings in the regular season. The boys beat Clive School and would play Mecca Glen in the final. This would be the first of three meetings against Mecca Glen that would turn into a good matchup between the two schools. The boys beat Mecca Glenn handedly in the qualifier final to advance to the CWAJHAA 1J tournament in Bentley.

The Wolf Creek Championship was by far the biggest and most challenging test throughout the season for the team, officials said.

The boy’s first game was against Mecca Glen School in the quarter finals. Mecca Glen did their homework and adapted their game plan to face our team. Mecca played outstanding defense throughout the game. The game was back and fourth all the way throughout the game until the end when they pulled away for a 61-53 victory.

The boys faced St. Augustine School in the Semi-Final that would be their biggest test of the season so far. The Kings had a very fast, skilled, and well coached team.

This was a fast game with great defense played by both teams. It was back and fourth throughout the game and by far the most exciting game as a spectator. The boys were trailing and came back to tie it and send it to over time. The 36-30 final would take them to the final against Lacombe Junior high School. The boys won the final 49-33 over the junior high team.

The CWAJHAA 1J Championships were held in Bentley with the boy’s first opponent being Erskine School. The team played Erskine School Friday night and won with all players on the team contributing to the win.

On Saturday morning they played Mecca Glen in the semi-final. The boys have seen lots of Mecca in the last few weekends have good games against them. In the first quarter the boys were up 22-4, but Mecca Glen didn't give up. The final score of the game was 66-53.

The boys faced Brownfield in the final on Saturday night and Brownfield played a good game for only having seven players on their team. Again all players on the team contributed to their 61-45 win to defend their CWAJHAA title. Soco put out the players who will be carrying on the torch next year with Keanu shooting two back-to-back three-pointer shots.

- submitted by STAR Athletic Director Dustin Fountain