Youngest Lacombe Ram looking to build on solid rookie year

Stretch-4 Aidan Anderson looking to expand his role in the Ram offence next season

(BLACK PRESS file image)

(BLACK PRESS file image)

Lacombe Composite High School continues to be a pipeline for basketball talent and Aidan Anderson just may be the latest prodigy to come down the pipe.

Anderson is heading into his sophomore year for the Rams, after being the only Grade 10 selected to the senior team. After what he calls a “shaky” start, Anderson started to find his groove — becoming a reliable three-point threat as a stretch four for Coach Tylor Johannesson’s up-and-coming squad.

“He has point guard skills and is a dynamite shooter. I use him as a stretch 4 and sometimes as a small-ball 5. He’s going to be the man in two years and will start and play heavy minutes next year,” Johannesson said.

Those playmaking skills referenced developed after Anderson had to adapt his game, going from being the go-to player in Grade 9 to the youngest rookie on team of Grade 11s and 12s.

“Being the only Grade 10 really helped me improve my game and learn a whole bunch more,” Anderson said.

Johannesson said Anderson has the best defensive instincts he has been able to coach and he is looking forward to combining Anderson’s developing game with Rams star Jared Gamble and up-and-coming big man Carson Prins.

Anderson has had the luxury of playing with Gamble since middle and looks forward to being able to combine their efforts again.

“He is a great player and he has so much potential and skill. His game and mine go side-by-side. He likes to get in the paint and I am more of a shooter. I think us working together will be able to do some damage,” he said.

He added he believes Prins will be able to pull down all the misses for putbacks next season, adding a down-low presence to a perimeter-oriented offence.

Anderson believes his versatility will be key for him next season and he knows his coach will have him playing multiple positions including shooting guard, small forward and power forward.

”I feel I will be able to do some things because the strongest defenders will be on Jared and Carson,” he added.

With things opening up slightly, Anderson and his teammates have been able to train more — preparing for a season where they expect to compete for a spot at the 4A Provincial Championships.

“Once things opened up a bit, Jared and I started going to the outdoor courts and started running drills. Now there is a couple of us going to the Abbey Centre, so this year we will be more prepared than last year,” he said.

Ultimately, Anderson believes the key to a good season will be finding chemistry early.

“Everyone on our team knows what we are capable of and we know we will do some damage coming into next season,” he added.

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